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MenuPlus® Feature Overview

Patient safety, patient satisfaction, and diet office efficiencies are key elements in today's hospital food service departments.  MenuPlus® provides the solutions that you need to address these criticial areas. 

The key features of MenuPlus include:

  • Easy to use
  • Powerful enough to serve over 1,000 patients per meal
  • Access to near-real-time information
  • Quickly identify Allergies, Preferences, and Dislikes
  • Pre-set Nourishments and Supplements and schedule delivery
  • Quick access to diet histories across admissions.
  • Diet-specific min/max threasholds and warnings.
  • Flexible food order configurations - take food orders with paper, or PDA, or Tablet PC's or Room Service, or any combination thereof.
  • Flexible diet configurations - configure as many base diets and modifications as you need.
  • Flexible Menu Cycles - configure as many menu cycles and days as you need.  Assign special holiday cycles on your calendar.
  • Flexible HL7 integrations - map virtually any patient care system to the MenuPlus® system
Powerful, and Easy to use

MenuPlus® is a complete enterprise-class system robust enough to run hospitals with over 800 patients, yet simple enough for your less-computer-savvy employees to learn. 

MenuPlus® uses simple point-and-click interfaces to order food, view diet orders, and print tray cards.  No complex DOS-like command lines, no confusing sequences of windows; just easy-to-understand icons and point-and-click commands.


Flexible Food Order Entry

You can mix and match our food order methods (PDA, printed menus, Tablet PC's, or room service), all without changing the core MenuPlus® system.  Whether you are looking to move away from paper-based menus in the future, or want to use a combination of PDA and room service to collect food orders, MenuPlus® has the solution for your facility now.

Infinitely Flexible Diets and Modifiers

MenuPlus® supports an unlimited number of Base Diets, modifier types, and modifier values.  It also supports an unlimited number of allergies, preferences, and dislikes. 

Every facility is different, and MenuPlus® can accomodate any configuration of diets that you might need.

Scheduled Supplements and Preferences

Schedule the delivery of patients' supplements and nourishments, as well as prefered items at each meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner), or at any of your defined nourishment periods (10am, HS, etc.). 

Preferences follow the patient across admissions and are constrained/substituted by the patient's current diet order.  Supplements and Nourishments are specific to each diet-order and can be carried forward if desired.

More Features:

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