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Printed Menus and Optical Scanning Print  

The paper-based menu is where we came from, and many hospitals are quite content with staying there.  Sometimes, it is best to "stay with the familiar," so we spent a lot of time on printing and scanning menus to get it right.

MenuPlus® uses standard laser printers to print paper menus that patients can mark (with "fill-in-the-bubble" marks).  Each printed menu is customized to each patient, eliminating the need to manually "head" menus and cross off things that the patient can't have.  Each printed menu shows only the menu items that each patient can have as determined by the current diet order.  Delivering pristine menus to patients eliminates the problems caused by the patients seeing items crossed off of their menus.

After the patients mark the menus and you have collected them, you can scan them through one or more professional image scanners (like the Fujitsu fi-5120c).  The MenuPlus® system will interpret the marks and will create food orders for each patient.


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